yr nipples (unrated)

                    yr nipples (unrated) yr nipples shaving their legs without wearing underpants in front of an open window overlooking a frisky bakery while serenaded by the immodest blur of downtown traffic my mouth describing in accurately filthy detail the last time it went down on you, how your under-bits tasted like butter rum flavored Life … Continue reading yr nipples (unrated)

Deeper Than Anus

               deeper than anus(for Andi Todaro) deeper than anus more thoreau than Emerson my Dostoyevsky dreams of dipping its crime into your punishment rewriting my John inside your updike swallowing my Charles between the wild fairy tale of your dickens it has been four long nights since last we … Continue reading Deeper Than Anus

13 Things I Learned While Watching: Speed

                 13 Things I Learned While Watching: Speed The Plot: In a post Die Hard/pre 9/11 world Graham Yost writes an action movie using the Die Hard screenplay as a blueprint (ergo: he crosses out the word ‘building’ and replaces it with ‘bus’.) Hans Gruber and his gang of thieves are rearranged into Dennis Hopper. Bruce … Continue reading 13 Things I Learned While Watching: Speed