Ode To Her Love For Neil Diamond

           Ode To Her Love for Neil Diamond her anxiety embraced the spotlight like a naked Neil Diamond belting a continuous stream of classics from behind the dressing room curtains of her mother's old record player this morning she awoke gloom filled and cranky but several songs into The Jazz Singer she steps out of … Continue reading Ode To Her Love For Neil Diamond

On The Night

on the night justice isn't allowed on this lot failed to receive its callback so tonight, beneath this not so brave movie prop light, only jude law reigns as the dark sky sits in a corner booth somewhere rehearsing its lines picking at blueberries mashed between a warm plate and a ceiling of pie crust … Continue reading On The Night

How The Finger Went Mad: Knuckle 2

           How The Finger Went Mad: Knuckle 2 The Finger tried hard to forget what had happened but sometimes forgetting is like treading Peach Mango Slurpee syrup inside a Styrofoam cup shaped like the rest of your life sometimes forgetting is just too goddamn impossible to do So The Finger hopped inside the nearest liquor … Continue reading How The Finger Went Mad: Knuckle 2