The Worst Poem About Cheeseburgers In The World

The Worst Poem About Cheeseburgers In The World Your two all beef patties special sauced between the cheese & pickled onions of my long, long sesame seed bun these patties have left me side orderless and lonely with a two year old condiment still hanging loose in the pocket of my pants and sad I … Continue reading The Worst Poem About Cheeseburgers In The World


How The Finger Went Mad: Knuckle 1

           How The Finger Went Mad: Knuckle 1             Every night The Finger wakes up shaking despite the fact that ever since the thing that happened        happened it’s been unable to fucking sleep   because sleep is a Beatlejuice House-shaped-cookie-jar and that place from which The Finger's recently escaped is something angry, fueled by the fact … Continue reading How The Finger Went Mad: Knuckle 1


Wides some camels are lucky to have one good hump in them some camels have more & some camels aren't camels at all they're in reality: poorly disguised blues songs begging your heart's doorbell for forgiveness screaming at the top of their not really hoofed lungs because they're not camels and all that... they're blues … Continue reading Wides

Love Gets Dirty

love gets dirty love gets dirty like the reasons she left bent over an electric fireplace its face a token of modern day ash blackened by the sensitivity of crushed volcanoes with the history of recent mudslides permanently singed inside its head


panic last night I dreamt you a mermaid and watched soaked with horror you fucking my least favorite shark broke my fist against a surprisingly strong codfish that was floating below you jerking off your sodomy drawing the attention of various predators like a six pack of blood torn open and allowed to hitchhike finding … Continue reading Panic

Love Can Vomit

                 love can vomit love can vomit like a bright moon full of vodka absentmindedly engaged w/ the jealous forces of gravity spinning to maintain its position just to be near you, heart made queasy by the distance of sound