A Plan Towards Forgetting

A Plan Towards Forgetting I nailed your ghost to the branch of a dead tree and refused to look back no matter how loud it screamed realizing only after that the screams belonged to me (from my book beautiful graveyards, Farfalla Press)



Forgiving There is a chansaw buried in the old shed of how I feel about you It's out of gas and rusted into made-up colors But still it's in there just the same (from my book Beautiful Graveyards, Farfalla Press)


Celibacy “I’ll see you later.” “How are you going to see me later, can I get your phone # or something…” “I don’t give out my number. But I’ll see you again.” “I don’t think so. I’m pretty elusive.” “Well don’t be elusive.” “You won’t see me again.”   (from my first book Beautiful Graveyards, … Continue reading Celibacy

The Continuing Adventures of Cock Johnson, Private Detective

The Continuing Adventures of Cock Johnson, Private Detective   Author’s Prolouge At an office Christmas party in South Boulder I learned how to pronounce Cthulhu correctly for the very first time. I find myself lately enraged by everything. Street signs. Women in sweat pants. Men in sweat pants. Dogs in sweat pants. Nothing in sweat pants. Empty … Continue reading The Continuing Adventures of Cock Johnson, Private Detective