Dirt Road Graveyard

Dirt Road Graveyard You're like a graveyard on an old dirt road filled with ghosts and fun to hold s√©ances in       (from my book Beautiful Graveyards, Farfalla Press)  

Main Titles/Dinner and Dancing

  Main Titles/Dinner and Dancing Your eyes pointing towards the back seat of a dark taxi cab my face pressed somewhat reassuringly against the stubborn consistency of cold concrete I had the 'Jesus Christ can't we talk this over?' for dinner You ordered the 'You know what? I just don't think so.' and after that … Continue reading Main Titles/Dinner and Dancing


Wanted   I will bend bullets for you arm wrestle perfectly strong freight trains & over estimate the jungle in exchange for   your confidence in matters regarding our occasionally afflicted destiny and a couple of really cool matching tattoos I will do battle and conquer the filthy chameleons which threaten to impersonate the partially … Continue reading Wanted


Puddles Helen I..I mean you...I mean meatloaf-or not meatloaf. No. I mean meatloaf. And vampire comics. And songs about plastic robots vs. cream soda. Rampaging typewriters and the martyred ribbons that have nothing to do with it. Your eagles have landed and I'm having a hard time processing the most latest information. This information pertaining … Continue reading Puddles