The Future Of Love

  The Future Of Love They remake 3 Little Pigs so the pigs are the ones trotting around blowing the house down and it's the misunderstood wolf who waits inside for the walls to crumble haunted by straw

Significant Bullets

Significant Bullets Standing outside tonight in the dark the sound of some poor fuck scraping snow behind a long fence seems to fit my mood perfectly With the invisible slush clouds up there looming & my nerves lighting cigarettes melting down here Where she hints at leaving again requiring my madness to dabble in patience … Continue reading Significant Bullets

Treatment for Terminator Sequel Spec Script

Treatment for Terminator Sequel Spec Script It's the future again. A couple hours after the human freedom fighters have sent Kyle Reese back into the past to prevent the assassination of John Conner's mom/Sarah. The effects of their actions are felt immediately. John Conner still exists, which means Reese has succeeded in keeping Sarah alive, … Continue reading Treatment for Terminator Sequel Spec Script