Inside the folds of Your old pillow case

Inside the folds of Your old pillow case inside the folds of your old pillow case one thousand mornings wake up empty without you (from my book Beautiful Graveyards, Farfala Press)

Last Penny Lane Open Reading Poem

Last Penny Lane Open Reading Poem while watching The Notebook, The Machinist, The Chronicles Of Ridick  and The Day After Tomorrow chapter 1 another shit day for Trevor:the scratches burned like fresh meteor strikesthe rented refrigerator inhospitably bleedingand the wound which had replaced what wasno longer left of his insides, it threw darts like an empty dinner table, circumstance … Continue reading Last Penny Lane Open Reading Poem

Burning Cattle

Burning Cattle out of the hotwired manyI am just one            one dashboard            bashed against its own teethby your pretty car crashand the uniquely enamel’d habityou have of misplacing your car keys the cup cake goes: frosting formerly trusting bone torn awayfrom the sexy flesh of yourreverse engineered scarecrow philosophy my silo pronounced ‘solo’your barn door pronounced            “I’m in love … Continue reading Burning Cattle

I Love Vladimir Mayakovsky

 I Love Vladimir Mayakovsky"I love Vladimir Mayakovsky"The way she says thisgoes over with me likefresh flowers allowedto grow in the parkshe's just read "Great Big Hell of a City"says she can relate to the moon nowNight loved itself outthe only line that ever had to be written(from my book Beautiful Graveyards, Farfalla Press)