Damn Those Torpedoes (for Tom Petty)

  Damn Those Torpedoes aka So This Is Home   Existence is a sinking island Circled by something inspired by battleships That’ve been bombing the shit out of everything   Ever since roughly around 3 and a half minutes After the invention of whatever all this is   Let’s call it everything! Let’s call it … Continue reading Damn Those Torpedoes (for Tom Petty)

Casablanca 2: Trump-World Boogaloo

  Casablanca 2: Trump-World Boogaloo   Casablanc-me The moon’s going out tonight and can’t decide between a bulletproof vest or a straight jacket and tights   (She had the attention span of a corn chip and my heart is guacamole)   Casablanc-you All I’ve got left is a green Batman t-shirt and a busted piano … Continue reading Casablanca 2: Trump-World Boogaloo