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dear cracker that I left underneath the futon mattress until the ants got you

26 Mar


dear cracker that I left underneath the futon mattress until the ants got you


what can I say if not: sorry about that

it happened

love is not often survived by the brittle

in your own cheesy way that was obvious

because you wore your cheesiness

on your outsides

but it was more than that

wasn’t it


I get that


between the cheesy exterior you had

a thin peanut butter lust for her

that could slice through time machines

and nightmares about zombified blankets

you miss her

don’t you

no, don’t worry


I get that


I mean

I miss her too


On Monday You Feel Like A Naked Burt Reynolds

25 Mar


On Monday You Feel Like A Naked Burt Reynolds


On Monday you feel

like a naked

Burt Reynolds

like a 70’s magazine

fold out

excessively mustached & hairy


Tuesday’s still hairy

but methodically lacking in that sweaty mustache feel

propelled by desperation the missing’s worn inside out

and doesn’t fit right to the point where your toe nails feel naked

and the sun sets like a dirty magazine

when you learn she’s recently dating some jerk-off name Burt


Wednesday becomes Hate Burt

Day, puppet-name-posing-as-a-human-name-hairy


big-foot-swifty bastard, you don’t feel

well go home from work early sit on the couch semi-naked

while drinking bourbon and watching reruns of Lost you pass out


Thursday you spend paddling without

a rowboat trailing behind the wake of the S.S Burt

which based on these cruel winds has totally seen her naked

by now, before midnight you watch a couple Ray Harry-

hausen movies and while listening to That’s The Way I Feel

by the Johnny Burnette Trio you send a snotty email to that fucker’s magazine


Friday morning she instructs you over the phone

to leave the magazine out of this

says she understands how you feel

and all that but Burt

has a hairy

temper and if you contact him at work again he’ll beat you naked


Saturday’s spent trying to figure out what ‘beat naked’

exactly means, you smoke cigarettes next to the corner magazine

stand cursing the sunlight because it makes your knuckles look hairy

and try to scrape the facts out

of your skull, that on the phone she’d called Burt

her boyfriend, dead pigeons scream: you know how they feel


Sunday you wake up naked and out

of your mind vowing fuck magazines! fuck Burt!

fuck Harry Houdini! I’ll escape this! (I’m over it), fuck the way I feel


22 Mar




at the end of an impossible day

post orgasm

in bed


I don’t mind sleeping

on the wet spot

unless I’m alone