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My Foot Fell Asleep And It’s Having Those Dreams

11 Jan


My Foot Fell Asleep And It’s Having Those Dreams


my foot fell asleep

and it’s having those dreams again, where


we alphabetized all our typos

and did sex stuff in front of them


until the correct spellings came out


Deeper Than Anus

28 Aug


deeper than anus
(for Andi Todaro)

deeper than anus
more thoreau than Emerson
my Dostoyevsky dreams
of dipping its crime
into your punishment
rewriting my John inside your updike
swallowing my Charles between
the wild fairy tale of
your dickens

it has been four long nights since last
we flounced each other
and I am appropriately haunted
in that spooky good sort of way

my long Neruda has been forever
retranslated by the subtle
clench of your perfect sonnet
and each night the sun strategically sets
as if re-enacting those maniacal events
leading up to and also including the
noble impaling of your paper back
upon my denis johnson

your love is full of surprises
it fails to fail
my Rod consistently serlinged
by the un-predictableness of your
twist ending

I am on fire with the destruction
that is involved with being
forced to endure such intervals
that take place between our time together
these horrific little chapters of life
reluctantly spent outside your book club
there is a noble history involved

in the wrecking of such things

and spread wide across the course
of this impressive history
you’ve rectum all

(from my book Dusk Hearts Dawn aka Package Gigantis in The Deep Waffle Palace of Love. Baobob Tree Press)