2 Years Without Nickel

  2 Years Without Nickel   Time moves like a drunk in an old suede jacket that won’t leave us alone   Whispering in my ear tonight, shit like: I ain’t on your side, Columbo. Something in German that sounds like fate choking. and Your cat is still dead.   2 years gone and I … Continue reading 2 Years Without Nickel


(more) Things I Learned While Watching: Outlander

  (more) Things I Learned While Watching: Outlander   Voicemail   Lucky thing for Jamie they didn’t have voicemail in the times of Outlander 1700’s Scotland   During those days when Claire traveled from the future again in order to return to the great big love of her lives-in-the-past time traveling life   and then … Continue reading (more) Things I Learned While Watching: Outlander