Trump Drives On Deep Into Twitter

  Trump Drives On Deep Into Twitter   (Watermelon 1) (of a 12 Watermelon poem)             --for Richard Brautigan, on his birthday   January 30th, 2019, another irritable-balls-syndrome’d year inside which Brautigan’s still dead and the entire goddamn world has tossed itself into the paper mache pit   where memories thumb rides with their elbows … Continue reading Trump Drives On Deep Into Twitter

2 Years Without Nickel

  2 Years Without Nickel   Time moves like a drunk in an old suede jacket that won’t leave us alone   Whispering in my ear tonight, shit like: I ain’t on your side, Columbo. Something in German that sounds like fate choking. and Your cat is still dead.   2 years gone and I … Continue reading 2 Years Without Nickel