My Foot Fell Asleep And It’s Having Those Dreams

  My Foot Fell Asleep And It’s Having Those Dreams   my foot fell asleep and it’s having those dreams again, where   we alphabetized all our typos and did sex stuff in front of them   until the correct spellings came out


I Love Vladimir Mayakovsky

 I Love Vladimir Mayakovsky"I love Vladimir Mayakovsky"The way she says thisgoes over with me likefresh flowers allowedto grow in the parkshe's just read "Great Big Hell of a City"says she can relate to the moon nowNight loved itself outthe only line that ever had to be written(from my book Beautiful Graveyards, Farfalla Press)

Poor Me

poor me life overhears everything the sounds of your voice on a telephone talking about calendars and your need to let go rainbows go color blind rivers get lost birds become allergic to the sky the sun gets laid off the ground puts on a jacket dandelions mistake pepsi for coke crayons lose their way …

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