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Care Bears Are Dropping Like Pre-Emotionally Assigned Flies

19 Aug

Care Bears Are Dropping Like Pre-Emotionally Assigned Flies



Time keeps stretching past the morgue of anniversaries

The distance between things gelded between Shark Week

and our abandoned Love Sac

Ending just keep on going, shaking piss fits



like flawed parachutes

and a mansion of Care Bears

screaming waffle scented anathemas

on their way to a lonely splat


against the ground



August 16, 2017

                                                sitting on a futon

                                                Lafayette, CO


Love Reads Charles Bukowski

5 Dec


love reads Charles Bukowski


love reads Charles Bukowski

with a grateful sigh of relief and mortal terror

lobbing bottle caps one at a time


like wild west bullets pertwanging towards

the spiffy booted feet of the puzzle box poets

making them dance for their crimes


of cloaking the raw & beautiful insides of this goddamn life

in the name of self-impressed trickery–life doesn’t burble like a greek thorn

pulled from the goddess-less brown bureau of Persephone’s pinched Agamemnon
fuck that

it hurts




(from my book Love Does Stuff, Amber Lodge Press)