First Night Without Jack

  First Night Without Jack   Drought, with running water Everything right About this world was Tethered inside you How am I supposed to not be morbid now?   It looks like I picked the wrong day to stop missing things So long, my generous-guru friend   Adios, Bird King   Death is a real …

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A Year Without Prince: Part 1

A Year Without Prince: Part 1   A year? Sexy-seriously? (stomp down on that delay pedal)   How has it already been a year? (year year year)   Where the fuck has everything gone? (oh, right) (you keep it in there) (as long as the water’s warm enough/that’s hot)   Thirsty?   Our whole world’s …

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Dear Pants

  Dear Pants,   I’m sorry I haven’t washed you lately. You smell sorta upset about it, but I swear I can fix this. There’s plenty of detergent just flopping around in the basement. It’s just, I’ve been busy lately. Ok, not busy really. Despondent perhaps. If only because I’m afraid I’m going to misspell …

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