Greek Salad vs. Lou Ferrigno

  Greek Salad vs Lou Ferrigno   she ordered a greek salad w/ italian dressing interdicting the specific flavor intensions of the dead bastard who invented greek salads   she never wanted a sandwich or a hotdog, which also might be considered a sandwich or whatever the hell  other meal type options are out there …

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Stairway To Vampires

Stairway To Vampires   which came first, the internet or the asshole? spoiler alert: it’s the asshole if only because assholes predate electricity but this morning they’re interdependent upon each other like they’ve-from-4-seconds-after-the-beginning- of-goddamn-everything been interdependent on each other   like that Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup commercial citizens my age have been raised on ‘You …

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