Trump Drives On Deep Into Twitter (watermelon 3)

  Trump Drives On Deep Into Twitter (watermelon 3 of a 12 watermelon poem) for Richard Brautigan   I have two cheeseburgers, Doc Holiday said to Trump, in his dream, One for each of you.   and the President had an erection, because he really wanted both of them   cheeseburgers   He'd fallen asleep … Continue reading Trump Drives On Deep Into Twitter (watermelon 3)


One Year Without Nickel

  One Year Without Nickel   Nickel!   Gosh, I fucking miss you with me: sitting inside at this dining room table desk writing this thing I wish didn’t need writing, and you: in the backyard behind me covered in all the love I’ll always have for you and random snake shit and the neighbor’s … Continue reading One Year Without Nickel