Greek Salad vs. Lou Ferrigno

  Greek Salad vs Lou Ferrigno   she ordered a greek salad w/ italian dressing interdicting the specific flavor intensions of the dead bastard who invented greek salads   she never wanted a sandwich or a hotdog, which also might be considered a sandwich or whatever the hell  other meal type options are out there … Continue reading Greek Salad vs. Lou Ferrigno


Love Gets Hungover

love gets hungover   love gets hungover sometimes, from too much loving after a long night of about you thinking   wakes up the next morning with its still loving head throbbing like a sensitive truck built for delivering flowers   caught inside the middle of a demolition without you derby stumbles over to the … Continue reading Love Gets Hungover

Love Chews

love chews   love chews like a giant octopus trying to squeeze through the front doors of our favorite Mexican restaurant   freshly perched upon the rooftop, it throws a big tentacle through the window wrapping its suckers tight around our all-you-can-eat buffet, dragging it jealously back to deep water   together we put our … Continue reading Love Chews