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Greek Salad vs. Lou Ferrigno

29 Sep


Greek Salad vs Lou Ferrigno


she ordered a greek salad

w/ italian dressing

interdicting the specific flavor intensions

of the dead bastard who invented

greek salads


she never wanted a sandwich

or a hotdog, which also might be considered a sandwich

or whatever the hell  other meal type options are out there

competing against the decisions for salad


she never wanted world wars

or Poco Harem records

or to hurt me, or to be the person

who fucks somebody else’s shadow

into the sun


she just wanted a whole lot of distance

to get away, somewhere

where she could be swallowed by vineyards


she wanted out




my penis is like lou ferrigno

neither one of them can hear



Love Gets Hungover

7 Dec


love gets hungover


love gets hungover

sometimes, from too much loving

after a long night of about you thinking


wakes up the next morning

with its still loving head throbbing

like a sensitive truck built for delivering flowers


caught inside the middle of a demolition without you derby

stumbles over to the window and drinks a lake full of water

carefully spits all of the fish out: another work day begins




(from my book Love Does Stuff, Amber Lodge Press)

Love Reads Charles Bukowski

5 Dec


love reads Charles Bukowski


love reads Charles Bukowski

with a grateful sigh of relief and mortal terror

lobbing bottle caps one at a time


like wild west bullets pertwanging towards

the spiffy booted feet of the puzzle box poets

making them dance for their crimes


of cloaking the raw & beautiful insides of this goddamn life

in the name of self-impressed trickery–life doesn’t burble like a greek thorn

pulled from the goddess-less brown bureau of Persephone’s pinched Agamemnon
fuck that

it hurts




(from my book Love Does Stuff, Amber Lodge Press)

Love Knows All The Words To That One Matchbox Twenty Song

4 Dec


love knows all the words to that one Matchbox Twenty song


love knows all the words to that one Matchbox Twenty song

you know the one that I’m talking about

the one that starts off slow with the wet volume swells that sound


like a couple of loopy whales dancing beneath the warm underpants

of the pacific ocean, chorus drying itself off on the beach with a white piano

the one that begs her to lay all your troubles down because


I am with you now

do you know what song I’m talking about?

fuck that–yes you do. it’s a really good song




(from my book Love Does Stuff, Amber Lodge Press)

Love Chews

4 Dec


love chews


love chews

like a giant octopus trying to squeeze through

the front doors of our favorite Mexican restaurant


freshly perched upon the rooftop, it throws a big tentacle

through the window wrapping its suckers tight around

our all-you-can-eat buffet, dragging it jealously back to deep water


together we put our clothes on and go chasing, follow the trail

of black beans & salsa and stand holding hands between the shoreline

trying to decide whether to rent a sturdy boat or swim




(from my book Love Does Stuff, Amber Lodge Press)

Love Rides A Bicycle

4 Dec


love rides a bicycle


love rides a bicycle

like Ryan Adams singing

a fast song about life


turns the corner sharp in front of the camera shop

thin tires spinning with a punk/country drawl

abandoned video stores pitch in during the chorus


hearts get dizzy beneath the third bridge

but love

peddles on

(from my book Love Does Stuff, Amber Lodge Press)

Love Will Haunt You

4 Dec


love will haunt you


love will haunt you

like a beautifully blond ghost

driving a convertible graveyard


past the carwash of how they’ve left you

over the bridge of what it used to feel like

to fall asleep next to them


thru the woods of the poor

mismatched miserable bastard

you’re dating now

(from my book Love Does Stuff, Amber Lodge Press)
(this book is so out of print I don’t even have a copy of it anymore, but I found the manuscript tonight after a few years of not finding it, so I’ll probably be posting chunks of it on this website thingy here tonight. And maybe tomorrow. And maybe even the day after that…..)