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Greek Salad vs. Lou Ferrigno

29 Sep


Greek Salad vs Lou Ferrigno


she ordered a greek salad

w/ italian dressing

interdicting the specific flavor intensions

of the dead bastard who invented

greek salads


she never wanted a sandwich

or a hotdog, which also might be considered a sandwich

or whatever the hell  other meal type options are out there

competing against the decisions for salad


she never wanted world wars

or Poco Harem records

or to hurt me, or to be the person

who fucks somebody else’s shadow

into the sun


she just wanted a whole lot of distance

to get away, somewhere

where she could be swallowed by vineyards


she wanted out




my penis is like lou ferrigno

neither one of them can hear



Muzak Wasn’t Playing In The Elevator

19 Feb


muzak wasn’t playing in the elevator
the elevator was moving up and down the shaft
like music–the shaft accepting such affections libidinously
the passengers were oblivious and so thusly un-annoyed

a glass of milk becomes a reluctant voyeur at bedside
the peanut butter stifling a strong moan as it lubricantlessly
enters the jelly, the two sandwich spreads rolling ass-naked
on top a king-sized heaven shaped predictably

like warm wheat toast–the bread shutters softly,
and the eating begins–would you like some soda Nosferatu?
for she is much too beautiful for me to be scared of you tonight

love has given me ears tuned like 1st row orchestra tickets
every stumble is like a ballet, I mean every serenade
is elevated from its birthplace as a sneeze




(from my book I Was Going To Use That, Farfalla Press)